What You Need To Know About Home Security In Jackson

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Being the safe and quiet mountain town that it is, adds to the desirability of having a home or vacation property in Jackson Hole. With the low crime rate and area’s desirability as a safe and secure place to have a home, one might question: are home security systems in Jackson Hole, Wyoming worth it?


Think of the times in your home when something’s gone ‘bump’ in the night or maybe something just didn’t feel right and momentarily, or even for some time, you’ve questioned your safety. Or, like many homeowners, when you’re away from your home and a curiosity about how things are back at the house crosses your mind. Beyond the security and protection home security systems provide for your property and loved ones, the peace of mind and ability to have a absolute knowledge of what’s going on at or in your home is invaluable. Fortunately, most of those worries and ‘bumps’ in the night turn-out to be anything but threatening to your property and loved ones. However, the initial stress and worry during those moments is truly alarming if not outright scary for a brief period.

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4Sight Security features residential services packages that give homeowners the ability to monitor their property live, 24/7, and even when away from the property. The ease in which a homeowner can monitor all manner of security details from the screen of a smartphone or tablet is truly astounding. Remotely, this technology allows a property to be checked in on at anytime with live camera feeds, to home climate and lighting controls all at your fingertips. Home security features even go as far as giving users the ability to lock and unlock properties remotely, notify a smartphone when family members arrive home or leave the house, and even allow for schedules to be set for activation or deactivation when housekeepers, gardeners, or other service workers will be present at the property.

Learning From The Experts Of Home Burglary – The Burglars Themselves

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Many ex-burglars who now educate law enforcement and security professionals about the criminal mindset advise professionals that the mere presence of a good home security system would deter them from entering a property to begin with, let alone attempt a crime in or on the property. So when asked, are home security systems in Jackson Hole effective? We need to ask how they’re effective. As a ‘system’, we expect it’s function to alert, inform, advise, and protect to be the first indicators that the system is effective. But what about the system’s effectiveness as a deterrent or means of crime prevention, just by simply being active and in place? In the statistical sense, home security systems are

  • primarily, effective at prevention,
  • second, effective in their physical function (in alerting and warning)
  • and third, effective when the human element is activated during alarm (i.e. police/fire dispatch, property owner acknowledgement).

That said, not only are home security systems effective; their mere existence, primary function, and the human response they illicit are just three basic areas of where effectiveness can clearly be measured and accounted. Where this is the case, it leaves to question how many times home security systems effectively save families and homes without activation, simply by just being in place.

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4Sight Security Logo - Home security in Jackson, WYWhen 4Sight Security is faced with the question, why install a home security system in Jackson Hole? a list as long as all the “what if” scenarios can be generated. Aside from the criminal events that are prevented or deterred by simply having a good home security system in place is (as stated before) the invaluable peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and property are continuously being protected. Beyond that are the perks like allowing remote access to your home, smoke and fire detection, lower home insurance premiums, property protection, and electricity management through remote climate control and remote lighting adjustment to name a few. The most recent estimates of home burglaries suggest that in the U.S. there are 4 home burglaries per minute, 240 home burglaries per hour, and up to 6,000 home burglaries across the country per day. Lastly, the FBI states about the burglary rates of homes: “1 in 3 homes without a security system will fall victim to a burglary as compared to 1 in 250 homes that do have a security system.”