More Burglaries In The News: July 2018

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Home burglary and the protection you need to bring you peace of mind from 4Sight Security

In Salina, KS, there was a home burglary between the hours of 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. – a pretty big time frame for a burglary. The perpetrator had broken in through one of the back windows, and made off with an Xbox 360, an Xbox One gaming system, a Springfield Armory 9mm handgun and $100 in cash. The outcome could’ve been much worse as the homeowners could have been seriously injured or worse… By owning a security system, much like the ones 4Sight Security installs, the security cameras could have pinpointed the exact time of the home burglary. They could have gotten footage of the burglars to provide to the police which could have been shared around the neighborhood to protect other potential victims. They also would have been alerted the minute there was unusual activity in their home, right on their mobile device.

Home BurglariesIn Kansas City, a family’s home was also part of an attempted home burglary. It was early on a Tuesday morning, and the burglars had gotten in through the garage door. A mother and son were home at this time; the son had been up late studying and wasn’t able to sleep. He heard a noise in the basement and chased the perpetrators off. A couple items such as a watch, 2 Kindles, the woman’s wedding ring, and a computer had been taken. They later found most of the items in the neighbor’s yards. The police were unable to recover the woman’s wedding ring. They were lucky that nobody was hurt in the process of getting the perpetrators out of the home, but with a security system, like the ones installed by 4Sight Security, they could have been alerted as soon as someone had opened the garage. With home security cameras they could’ve seen them and triggered an alert right away. Most cameras even have the ability to recognize the difference between pets and humans, thus negating false alarms.

In Princeton, NJ, there was woman who experienced a home burglary, between the hours of 12:00 p.m. June 22nd and 9:00 a.m on June 23rd. Her MacBook Air laptop and Roomba vacuum cleaner were taken from inside her home. The estimated value of missing items is estimated around $2,500. A small amount compared to what could have been the outcome, but with a security system like the ones installed by 4Sight Security, she could have saved herself the hassle by:

  • Being alerted as soon as someone had entered the home;
  • An alert would have been sent to the police that a home burglary was taking place;
  • A camera placed outside could have possibly recorded the license plate number of the burglar;
  • It may have been possible that the same security cameras may have recorded the burglars face making a positive ID easier for the police.

Most home security cameras are very high tech – many are motion activated, they have the ability to detect animals, they’re also completely weather-proof, and never miss a beat so you can have the peace of mind you deserve! Give 4Sight Security a call today for a free quote!