Don’t Be a Cautionary Tale – Prevent a Home Burglary

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By definition a cautionary tale is a story with a lesson to be learned. They contain a moral message that warns of the consequences that come with certain actions, or inactions the main character goes through. Many times it ends with a proverbial “moral of the story”, usually involving a danger or warning that is ignored, or a broken social convention.

Too often we hear stories on the news that could have easily been avoided, or the criminals easily brought to justice, had one small detail been different. As a homeowner, hearing that there are 2.5 million plus home invasions a year is a great incentive to invest in a home security solution.

Right now is the best time to install the latest and greatest in home security, before something happens. These following stories are a perfect testimony as to why a home security solution is so important to either ward off intruders, or help authorities catch the criminals.

Couple Returns Home From Vacation To Their Broken-In Home

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Our first story comes from Fox 2 Now News out of St. Louis, Missouri. They walk through the unfortunate tale of a couple out of Jefferson County, Missouri, who had left for a small vacation in the sand only to return home to an open door and a ransacked house.

The home owners reported that many sentimental items had been stolen such as the husband’s perfect score bowling rings, and guns. The thought of someone using their guns to possibly commit further crimes was a lot for the couple to bear. The stress of the home burglary has left the couple with many sleepless nights, making them feel like prisoners in their own home.

Interestingly, a few days after the home invasion their neighbors found footage on their home security cameras of a man breaking into their cars, and other cars on the street. After noticing the camera, the intruder turns the camera away before continuing his break-ins. There is no way to know if this man is connected to the burglary of the couple, but it has put the entire neighborhood on high alert.

Statistically, houses without a home security solution are 300 percent more likely to get broken into. For a professional criminal, a home security system is a huge discouragement. For less methodical criminals, a system with an alarm or lights will be a surprise that may scare them off before any real damage can be done.

Five Indicted For Home Burglary

Home Security - Keys and Door LockOur next story comes from Frankfort, Kentucky, where five people were arrested for the involvement in a home burglary. Three of the five allegedly were directly responsible for the invasion and taking the items worth up to $10,000 from the owners. The other two were charged with possession of the stolen goods and renting the U-Haul truck that the items had been stashed in. There wasn’t any details from The State Journal if security cameras played a role in the arrests of the criminals, but the presence of a home security solution would undoubtedly made a difference in not just the deterrence of, but the identification and capture of the thieves.

String of Break Ins on Homes Under Construction

Our last story hits a little closer to home, as police investigate the recent invasion and burglary of at least four homes under construction in Eagle, Idaho. Thousands of dollars worth of new appliances, tools, and construction equipment have been stolen from the sites when the workers were either on lunch break or gone for the day. The methods used to break in were the same, and are thought to be connected.

Home security solutions are a great idea not only for your home, but for a building under construction. All too often materials are stolen from job sites and are not easily recovered unless the criminals are caught. Where the invasions are thought to be committed by the same perpetrators, even one home having a security camera system could help catch the thieves of multiple different victims.

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