DIY Home Security Ideas

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Here at 4Sight Security, we understand that a home invasion is the stuff of unthinkable nightmares for many homeowners. That’s why we decided to put together a few tips on DIY Home Security for our friends and neighbors in Idaho Falls, Idaho. These are some simple actions you can take that will help you have a safe, secure home.

DIY Home Security Hacks from 4Sight Security

1. Upgrade Exterior Doors and Door Locks

Your exterior doors can be one of the weakest or one of the strongest parts of your home. Some cheaply made doors are hollow or made from weak plywood. Use doors with solid wood or metal construction to make your home safer. You should also install and use additional secure locking options like deadbolts and security chains.

2. Install Motion Activated Lighting

No thief wants to be seen breaking into a house. That means that one of the easiest ways to help secure your home is to install motion activated lighting outside. The motion sensors ensure a brightly lit exterior when anyone is around without drastically raising your power bill.

3. Limit Visibility From Outside

Having and using good blinds and shades can make it harder for a potential thief to determine if people are home. As an added bonus, they can also limit the visibility of any high-cost items like computers and televisions from casual observation.

4. Secure Accessible Windows

Your ground floor windows can become a point of entry to a would-be thief if they aren’t secured correctly. Make sure that all lower level windows have locks, and use them. It may also be beneficial to plant thick, thorny bushes under your windows to make them harder to get to.

5. Make Home Invasion Difficult

Simple common sense can go a long way toward good DIY home security. Open windows and easily accessible ladders and tools make things easy for a potential home invader. Make sure you close and secure all accessible windows at night and when you’re not home and securely store ladders and tools that are not in active use.

6. Don’t Advertise an Empty House

If your home will be empty for more than a day or two, don’t advertise that fact. Here are some tips on how to avoid this:

  • Avoid posting vacation dates on social media ahead of time.
  • Use timers to turn on a few interior lights in order to give the impression of occupancy.
  • Keep a car parked in front of your house.
  • Place a stop on mail and newspaper deliveries while you’re away.

DIY Home Security Isn’t Always Enough

Unfortunately, it may take more than DIY measures to keep your home safe. If your current home safety measures don’t put your worries to rest, it may be time to consider professional residential security services. At 4Sight Security in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we have made it our business to provide you with affordable and effective home security options to keep your family safe. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

DIY Home Security