Did You Know We Service West Yellowstone?

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Did you know that 4Sighty Security is willing to make the trek to West Yellowstone to provide you with all your security system needs? Well, we are! Your safety is important to us and we are always willing to go the extra mile to provide safety to you, your family and your businesses.

About 4Sight Security and Our Security System Services

We carry the highest quality, state­-of-­the-­art technology for both West Yellowstone Residential and Commercial Security Systems for the lowest prices. We also install and service the best surveillance systems available. We use only the latest technology in high-resolution network cameras for your home, office or vacation property. We also service all of our West Yellowstone accounts personally and provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

Commercial and Residential Services

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Finally, a simple to use, affordable solution to see what’s going on when you’re away from your West Yellowstone home or business. With our security systems, you can customize the system to meet your specific needs. Select options such as surveillance cameras, security systems, and home automation & light control. Keep your home or business safe while you are away!

Video Surveillance

Of course, we know that when video cameras are set up in your home or business they can help to stop potential thieves from breaking in, but there are also some other reasons to invest in West Yellowstone video surveillance cameras including:

  • Decreased Theft
  • Increases Employee Productivity
  • Helps To Resolve Conflicts
  • Monitors In Real-Time
  • Improves The Safety Of The Overall Work Environment
  • Provides Helpful Evidence
  • Provides Access Control
  • Saves You Money

Access Control

Remote Home Control - Home Security Automation In Idaho FallsYou can’t always be there to permit or deny access to your West Yellowstone building or to see what is going on at all hours of the day or night. 4Sight Security’s access control approach allows you to:

  • Grant or deny entry
  • Print badges for employees or visitors
  • Open and close doors as needed
  • Set schedules
  • See who is in your building 24/7

We’ve all seen the old movies, where something is stolen from a business and the security guard or employees have to check back through old VHS tapes, taking hours upon hours of time looking for a possible culprit. 4Sight Security is proud to bring Brivo Access Control technology to our customers. With Brivo technology, that old scenario (and the VHS tapes) are a thing of the past!

Mobile Surveillance Units

4Sight Security tech next to mobile unitWhen working on remote construction job sites in West Yellowstone you want to make sure that your crew and equipment are watched over. It is actually quite common for people to vandalize and steal equipment from unattended job sites. With our mobile surveillance units, we have your back covered. Our state of the art wireless networking technology allows you to connect to the cameras on site even over long distances. The cameras have internal video storage that holds a day’s worth of footage. The cameras are also available in 4K resolution with LED infrared lighting. The units can be powered with solar panels and are accessible through computers, tablets and cell phones.

Request an Estimate

Before you buy a West Yellowstone security or video surveillance system, let us give you a personalized quote and show you how you can save time and money. Our fully automated systems will help you control your thermostat, lights, door locks, appliances, sprinkling system, and even your garage door opener right from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world!

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