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Home Security Equipment
Courtesy of Honeywell

Home security equipment today integrates an array of advanced technologies for easy home monitoring and protection. This is a far cry from the old cctv cameras and burglar alarms of yesteryear. One of the greatest advents in security technology today is the ability to link multiple systems and features to cellular based communications. This means that whether on property or offsite, security features can be accessed and monitored via “smart device”. With your cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc. you can arm or disarm alarms, monitor live video feed, lock or unlock doors, control temperature, and even control lighting. This technology is certainly not limited to residential applications and is already being utilized on a huge scale in the commercial arena and beyond.

Apart from just providing your home or business standard burglary protection, these integrated systems monitor for fires, CO2/CO (Carbon Monoxide) gas exposure, floods, and can notify dispatch of a medical emergency. Video surveillance and system data is backed-up daily and can be accessed remotely.

4Sight Security offers a wide range of home security equipment products and features from industry leaders: Honeywell, Dahau, and Hikvision. These products include video surveillance equipment, intrusion prevention/monitoring equipment, integrated security systems, video intercom systems, access control features, and cloud hosted services (to name just a few).

Home Security Systems
Courtesy of Hikvision

Although home security equipment is a big part of 4Sight Security, services extend well past the home and private property. Commercial, residential, video surveillance, mobile units, and access control services are all within the expertise of 4Sight Security. For example, residential and commercial customers alike are provided complete comprehensive security solutions through Honeywell’s 2Gig systems. Full automation systems afford the ability to turn your home or business into a Smart Home or Smart Business. Furthermore, every security system is customized to meet specific customer needs. All security systems installed by 4Sight Security can be accessed effortlessly by computer, tablet or mobile device from anywhere worldwide.

Commercial products include a broad range of services from network surveillance cameras to key-card access systems. These are the very same products and services that happen to be integrated into US Military security applications. It should say a lot that the Military trusts these products and services to protect and secure their facilities. In the past, businesses have had the frustrating event of capturing a criminal on camera but the image was of too poor quality to identify the suspect. The video surveillance products available today are far superior and even offer “true color” night vision options that can show a clear picture of a license plate at over 100 yards in zero light. Even when you are not physically on the property, you can remotely keep an eye on your business or home.

Home Security Equipment
Courtesy of Dahua

While video footage can prove to be invaluable in the prosecution of a crime, the mere presence of surveillance equipment has been a proven deterrent or countermeasure for burglaries, robberies, vandalism, or break-ins. Not to mention preventing theft amongst employees and the use of video surveillance to monitor employee productivity. Managers and business owners are able to remotely access footage live or pre-recorded. With the use of Pan Tilt Zoom(PTZ) cameras, remotely the camera can be manipulated to show several angles or zoom in and out. This could be extremely handy in retail applications, as a suspicious customer can be tracked and monitored discreetly rather than have an employee follow the customer with a suspicious watchful eye. For the business-minded, some cameras have the capability to record and broadcast audio. This comes in handy when “he said, she said” incidents happen between employees or in reviewing customer vs. employee complaints, among a myriad of other applications. For businesses that require discrete monitoring, a variety of miniature hidden cameras are also available.

Access Control features allow or deny entry, lock or unlock doors, allow for set schedules for entry, and allow management or business owners to monitor who is in the building. This too can all be done remotely through a computer, tablet or mobile device.

4Sight Security also has the answer for temporary surveillance and security measures to be in place when and where needed. Mobile surveillance systems are perfect for construction sites, events, and in rural or remote locations. As with the other business and home security equipment, mobile surveillance systems can be accessed remotely so you can keep an eye on a job site or equipment. These units run off solar charged batteries or diesel generator (for cloudy, overcast or other inclement weather patterns).