Buyer’s Guide to Home Security System

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Worrying about your home’s security could be the worst. This means that you do not have peace of mind whenever you are away from home or sleeping. That feeling of not being secured right at your home can give you the worst feeling. What it does to you physically and mentally sucks even more. According to study, the feeling of unsafe can cause anxiety and hypertension.

That is why it is important to have an efficient security system installed at your home to give you the kind of peace and the feeling of being safe – whether you are away or at home.

Getting your home secured do not just protect your home from unwanted intruders but will deter them from would-be invasion of your home. Research shows that out of 36 homeowners, one of them expects their home to be robbed. The sad part is that only a little below 30% of this population only have working residential security systems.

Based on a survey conducted on people who have been convicted with robbery and burglary, they would leave the premises immediately upon hearing a security alarm went off.

Secure Your Gains

Securing your most important asset, your home, is not an easy task. With so many varieties and products available in the market today, it can be daunting to find the right home security system. Here are some tips to consider when buying home security systems.

ID Your Home’s Security

Ask yourself: Is my home secure? What can I do to make it feel more secured? Do I need a home security system? If you understand the relationship between security and your home, you can figure out how to make home security system work for you and your family.

Getting your home secured is not something you can do easily, not even a DIY strategy can help. Securing your home is not simply buying security cameras or CCTVs without doing your homework. The first step in securing your home is understanding the concept of residential security systems. It does not have to be highly technical but understanding the basics of security system will already give you the idea on what kind of security products you need for your home.

Asses Your Home

Before buying security home systems, you need to do a thorough inspection of your home first. This will help you identify which areas of your home are at high-risk of burglary, home invasions, or theft. You can also identify the areas where you will need to install your surveillance cameras.

Reports show that the front and back door are the most common areas where burglars break in – more than 30% on front door and 22% on back door. This means that these two areas should be the first to be secured.

Do Your Homework

Understanding the idea behind home security systems will help you in choosing the right tool for the job. Keep in mind that burglar alarms are bit the same as home security systems. While burglar alarms can help deter thieves, home security systems provide a more extensive level of protection for you and your family. Though they may cost more, they are great investments.

Another pointer to note is that, unlike burglar alarms, home security systems provide warning or alarm not just intruders but also other hazards like environmental threats such as fire, flooding, and even carbon monoxide.

So, before dealing with a security company, make sure you know the difference between burglar alarms and security systems.


When looking for the best security system for your home, it is important to consider the level of reliability it can provide. Can you depend on them even during power outages? What about during catastrophes and environmental hazards? These are equally important particularly if you are not at home. With a reliable residential security system, you can be assured that your home is protected and will continue to function even if the electricity has been cut off due to environmental factors.


Do not just focus on the product. You need to check the installation fees as well. Not all security companies can give you the best deal when it comes to installation.

You must also understand that each security system requires a different installation process. Most traditional wired security system will require some drilling on your homes (walls). You need to be aware of this and decide if you are okay with it.


Last but not the least, always buy from a reputable security system company like 4Sight Security. Through the years, 4Sight Security has provided peace of mind with integrity to hundreds of thousands of people in Idaho.

Do not be blinded by publicity or extreme media promotion. Always do your homework and check the reputation of the security company you will be dealing with. Only trust 4Sight Security when it comes to securing your most precious investment, your home.