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It is not only necessary, but important to consider residential home security in Jackson, WY for a variety of reasons. Being world renowned as a tourist destination and resort town, Jackson Hole is known (or at least recognized) by hundreds of thousands of tourists and vacationers worldwide.

As residents and vacation homeowners in the area already know, the area touts a low crime rate. However, advantageous criminal elements view Jackson Hole as a desirable target for three main reasons.

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First, there’s a criminal assumption that high-end or luxury accommodations are accompanied by high-end valuables or treasures.

Second, it’s no secret that at any given time (due to the fact it being an upper-class resort town) a large percentage of Jackson Hole vacation homes, properties, and cabins sit vacant. This is especially true during the off-season for tourism and vacationing.

Third, response times by rural law enforcement agencies can often be as long as 15-20 minutes from initial notification and dispatch. This third reason offers a criminal plenty of time to burglarize a home and escape long before police arrive.

The best residential home security in Jackson Hole, WY comes from systems with multiple, fully integrated components. Of these components, home security cameras are invaluable technologies that can confirm a crime is being committed, aid in identifying suspects, and record evidence used to convict and incarcerate criminals. Home security cameras also provide homeowners with a way to monitor their home’s routine domestic activities while not actually being present on the property. Examples would include monitoring family member’s comings and goings, monitoring service workers/babysitters, or even checking on pets.

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Modern residential home security in Jackson Hole, WY integrates multiple technologies into a customizable system. Furthermore, the security system’s user interface can be accessed remotely from a mobile device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. This allows the homeowner to monitor their property, control climate/lighting, and grant access in real-time from virtually anywhere on the globe. Generally, home security systems focus on monitoring access points such as doors, windows, and property entryways. Windows can be equipped with components like “glass break” detectors and sensors that monitor when the window is open or closed. Doors can also be equipped with sensors and locks that are controllable via mobile device. Lighting controls can also be integrated to offer better illumination of a home’s exterior at night.

Examples of other components featured in a modern home security system in Jackson Hole, WY are motion detectors, cabinet/safe alarms, CO2/CO detectors, smoke/fire detectors, and ‘panic’ buttons to name just a few.

Security cameras can be mounted anywhere on the property to provide video coverage of areas of concern including entry ways, halls, and common areas. Security professionals like 4Sight Security offer the latest in technologies and solutions to home security in Jackson Hole, WY and can customize systems for any need. Professional services and installers can point-out areas of concern that a homeowner may not be aware of and can recommend the right components for monitoring/detecting. Professionally installed home security systems not only protect but afford incredible peace of mind.

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